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Map It!


  1. 3-G1.0.1 Use cardinal directions (north, south, east, west) scale, and key or legend to describe the relative location and characteristics of major places in the immediate environment.


The learner will be able to apply their knowledge of scale, key and/or legend by drawing a map of an area of their choosing (within reason) and, given an end location in the area of their choosing, evaluate the quickest route and direct a blind-folded fellow learner to that destination using cardinal directions (north, south, east, west) and exact footage (scale).


The purpose of this assessment is to determine whether or not the learner understands cardinal directions and can make use of a scale, key, and legend. Prior to this assessment, the learner will have discovered the meaning behind the cardinal directions, what “scale” means, and how to make a key or legend. They will use all of this to create their own map, and then actually direct a fellow learner to a spot on their map (in real life) using the cardinal directions and exact footage (making use of the scale).

Student Directions

For this assessment, you will be choosing an area somewhere in school and making a map of it.

  1. You must include all of the key elements of a map:
    1. Compass
    2. Scale
    3. Key/Legend
  2. Once you have your map made, you will direct a classmate to a spot on that map. Your classmate will be blind-folded.
  3. You need to tell him exactly how to get there following the key/legend on your map, using the cardinal directions, and telling him exactly how many steps to walk at a time.



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